Welcome To The OFF-SEASON – Reducing Stress During The Holidays

Season’s Greetings friends and welcome to the OFF-SEASON’s new blog! With this blog we will share the abundance of knowledge and wisdom that our diverse staff has aquired during their careers.

In this post our staff will share some tips on how to avoid pain and injury during the busy holiday season. The unfortunate thing about about pain and injury is that a good portion of it comes down to “stress.”
“Stress” is tricky to narrow down and define. Stress could be too much repetitive impact while running, too much negativity at work, not being able to pay your bills and any number of other things. On the flip side, stress can be a good thing. When the appropriate amount of stress is placed on the body and balanced with appropriate recovery, the body will rebuild and become stronger and more fit.

During the holidays there is a tendency to get overwhelmed which causes us to take actions that increase the stress. A classic example is reaching for all of the delicious sugary holiday treats. From a nutritional standpoint, reaching for sweets when you are stressed is only going to increase the amount of stress your body is under. 

Another example of creating more stress is running several hard miles while letting your mind run wild. This might feel good while you are doing it, but that’s because your brain is flooding your body with feel good chemicals to help you handle the workload. Once the run is over the pain will set in and you will still be caught up in the cycle of stress.

Keeping the big picture of balancing stress in mind can help you avoid the crippling combo of a hard run followed by holiday cookies and lavish coffee beverages loaded with stimulants.

If you need an hour to yourself book an appointment with a member of our team and get yourself back on track. It’s easier to stay in shape than it is to get in shape. Don’t lose your momentum.

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