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North Andover Dance Rehab

The Dance and Performing Arts Rehabilitation  program at OFF-SEASON Sports and PT is designed around the skillful integration of physical therapy and a deep understanding of the performing arts. 

From the professional ballerina, to the recreational hip hop dancer… from the Olympic figure skater to the high-school cheerleader… The dance medicine specialists at OFF SEASON Sports and PT provide dancers and athletes of all ages and ability levels with an unrivaled dedication to excellence.

It is with the deepest level of understanding of performing arts technique and execution, that we are able to treat patients, not as a localized injury, but as a complete person, and as an artist as well as an athlete. 

About Our Dance Rehab Program

OFF-SEASON Sports and Physical Therapy was founded in the fall of 2010 by three ambitious entrepreneurs who originally came to work together in Newton Massachusetts. Through the proximity of their employment to the Boston Ballet School Newton studio, these practitioners began to see more and more ballet dancers at the clinic. It was during this time of treating an influx of dancers, that they begin to develop the foundation of our dance and performing arts rehabilitation program. The program centers around the concept of dancers and the like as being not only an artist but also an athlete, and a very unique athlete at that. The dancer, gymnast, skater, etc. requires not only the highest level of muscle strength and power, but also a greater degree of balance and flexibility than most athletes. It is this delicate combination of hyper-flexibility and paramount strength that can sometimes lead to subtle imbalances which can only be identified and treated by those with knowledge of a dancer’s specific needs. 

The success of the program and the ability for us to return our patients to dance and the arts, is undeniable. Today we are the north shore’s premier dance medicine specialist in physical therapy. Take a look at the testimonials, from some of our dance patients. 

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Performing Arts Movement Screen

Performing artists are invited to participate in a unique screening process, during which a dancer, gymnast, or any other type of performing artist is asked to go through specific movements required for the artform. For example, the ballet dancer me be asked to demonstrate plié, tendu, grande battement, etc. as well as any movements that the dancer has difficulty with. A gymnast may be asked to demonstrate her landing after difficult jumps. 

Following the movement screen, recommendations are made for specific exercises to target weakness and prevent injury, as well as hands on revision of joint alignment during the movements which were reviewed. This is a critical tool for keeping performing artists healthy, strong and able, as well as preventing injury. 

This is a comprehensive evaluation of the performing artist’s technique and execution of sport/art specific movements. Please download and fill out the movement screen form below prior to your appointment.

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