Chi Running For Peak Performance – Can I still Run Fast With Chi Running?

Chi Running is a training philosophy that focuses on reducing the risk for injury as well as increasing overall efficiency. In the Chi Running program, speed is not the primary goal, it is a byproduct of following the process outlined in your training plan. Whether you are looking to avoid injury or run a personal best, working on your technique is critical to reaching your goals.

A lot of runners ask us if they will get slower from working on the Chi Running technique. The answer is it depends. You might need to slow down on your training runs for a while to hone in your technique and learn to deeply relax as you are running. If you are disciplined and diligent in your practice the chances of a breakthrough are strong. Consistent, healthy training with the appropriate amount of stress and recovery is the key to improvement.

Here at OFF-SEASON we help you dig in while you are out of competition to balance your mind and body and refine yourself as an athlete. Reaching your best requires complete focus and mastery of your mind, body and breath.

Our Physical Therapists treat countless runners who get injured due to poor mechanics, inadequate recovery, lack of focus, and restricted breathing. Many of these runners are still primarily focused with achieving a PR even while they are injured. Our philosophy is that your primary goal should be to remain injury free and healthy so you can remain at the top of your game.

Step 1 of running your fastest is remaining injury free.

For an injury free runner Chi Running can do wonders for race performance. Training healthy, injury free runners in this technique has been quite a joy for us, as we have seen a few simple principles and drills elevate runners performance to the next level.

There is a lot of information out there about running form, shoes, exercises and food and taking it all in can be confusing. Our goal is to help you sort through this information and find whats right for you. Typically, learning to focus on breathing and technique does wonders for the overall enjoyment of the run. Some discomfort can be beneficial and productive, but if you are in extreme pain there is a very good chance you are not improving your chances of a peak performance, you are harming them.

Champions are born in the preparation building up to the final test. The OFF-SEASON is your opportunity to fine tune yourself so you can compete at the highest levels. Get healthy, get fit, and commit to staying healthy and you will surpass your greatest expectations.

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