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Achieve lasting health and fitness results with our 360° approach tailored to your unique goals. At OffSeason Sports, we believe you only get one body, so why not make the most of it?

Whether You Are:

  • An athlete striving for peak performance
  • Recovering from injuries or surgery
  • Simply wanting to improve your overall well-being

Our expert team will work closely with you, developing a customized, flexible program to help you become self-sufficient and highly motivated to achieve real, lifelong results.

Schedule your complimentary assessment and unlock your full potential with OffSeason Sports’ personalized training programs. Contact us now!

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The OffSeason Difference

Unlike cookie-cutter approaches at many gyms, we provide innovative, personalized training methods backed by industry-leading software for tracking progress, video feedback, and seamless collaboration.

Our 4-Step Process

Comprehensive Assessment: We start with a complimentary head-to-toe assessment, analyzing your movement, mobility, and form to identify patterns and restrictions holding you back.
Mobility & Movement Optimization: Through specialized exercises, we’ll teach or reteach your body how to move with proper balance and alignment.
Self-care & Injury Optimization: Discover techniques for recovery, pain relief, and self-care to eliminate restrictions, prevent injuries, and improve range of motion.
Functional Strength, Power, and Speed: Building on your newfound mobility and movement, we’ll develop a program to increase overall performance and lifelong health.

Expertise Across All Activities

Our team has an in-depth understanding of movement patterns across various activities, ensuring optimal, pain-free performance for:

  • Hiking, running, cycling, basketball, hockey, swimming, and horseback riding
  • Tennis, golf, soccer, pickleball, and other sports
  • Strength training, HIIT, CrossFit, aerobic classes, and more
  • Yoga, gardening, Pilates, and dancing

Success Stories

“I could not even do a walking lunge when I started…2 years later, at 63, I’m in the best shape of my life.”

Ernie, lost 48 lbs

Without OffSeason, I would never be in a position to return to competitive tennis after knee replacement surgery.

Mark, lost 50 lbs

Meet Your Trainer: Joe Custer

A lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast, Joe has competed at a high level in hockey, cycling, martial arts, powerlifting, CrossFit, and golf. With 25 years of experience in North Andover, Joe has developed expertise in multiple accessible training methods for all ability levels.

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