Upcoming Chi Running and Yoga Workshop At The Kripalu Center In StockBridge, MA

I’m looking forward to another Chi Running and Kripalu Yoga workshop to set off the new year. Many people have written to me asking for an outline of how the workshop will go. I am posting the outline here to give you a better idea of what to expect from this relaxing week of running and yoga.

We arrive Sunday afternoon and settle into our guest rooms. We grab dinner and make our way to the program room and begin at 7:30pm. On Sunday night we will start with introductions and do simple yoga exercises to bring us into the moment. We will talk about what brought us here and what we hope to get from the week.

On Monday we will begin to dig into the material starting with the absolute basics of posture, breathing, relaxation and focus. We will focus on the most basic postures of mountain, table, childs, savasana etc and take our sweet time building a strong foundation in the fundamentals of movement. We will learn to balance through relaxed alignment and working on freeing ourselves from tension.

On Tuesday we will build on our foundation with movement and flow exercises that evolve out of our stable foundational postures. We will explore a variety of breathing patterns and cover the right breathing strategy for a variety of circumstances. We ease into a rhythm and attempt to develop a flow while walking and running.

We will test our edge a little bit on Wednesday and explore more dynamic performance with running and yoga. We will explore the various elements of running performance and yoga practice and find a comfortable level of effort and challenge for us. Some have said Wednesdays session has the feel of a track practice. Everyone can participate at whatever level they are able to as we practice back and forth on the road. This team atmosphere allows runners of all ability levels to benefit from the workshop.

Thursday morning is the peak of the workshop where we try tie it all together and feel what it feels like to have a great run. We play around with different tricks and feel what it feels like to float across the ground. On Thursday afternoon we start a deep recovery process with restorative yoga. If you have never done restorative yoga you are in for a treat! You will arise from this relaxing yoga session feeling brand new.

Friday we get together one last time to review the material and answer any final questions. We help plan each others strategy for the year. We game plan and encourage each other to commit to a daily practice and stay on track. We will remind ourselves to not get too far ahead of ourselves and stay in the moment. We will soak up the energy one final time, grab one last lunch and depart back to the next stop on our journey.

If you have any questions about this workshop please email me.

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