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Hey guys, this is Taryn, and I am the Personal Trainer/Strength & Conditioning coach at OFF-SEASON Sports & Physical Therapy. I run my business, Fit to a T, here and have recently launched social media (go check it out! @fit2a_t_official).  A little bit about me, I have a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology with a minor in nutrition. So yes, you could say I have an obsession for those two subjects. I am pursuing my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and I will be graduating this coming May from UMass Lowell! In addition to this, I recently earned my CSCS, which allows me to train all athletes. With this background, my philosophy with training involves total body strengthening combined with injury prevention. I believe that maximizing function is the overarching goal in training, and if people move well, they most likely function great.

  I practice what I preach! You can find me at the gym 6 days a week performing the same exercises I give my clients. There are certain exercises I like and do not like, but I’m always up for learning new things and experimenting. I try to keep up to date with strength and conditioning figures and the fitness trends out there. My passion for learning has me on youtube trying to find new things from my favorite fitness icons. However, as much I love the strength and conditioning side of things, you will hear me talk a lot about nutrition. I am truly fascinated by science and bioenergetics, and I have studied these processes countless times so that I can grasp an understanding on how food and the body really work together. That being said, I keep a healthy diet and encourage others to prioritize this overall!

My business is meant to target any single person. No matter what your fitness goals are, I am able to create a customized workout plan tailored to you. Whether it is for a sport, weight loss, muscle mass, maintenance, strength, endurance, etc…, I am determined to help you reach goals and accomplish things you never thought you were even capable of achieving.
        I do realize that time is valuable and not everyone has time or money to do personal training. Problem solved! I sell workout programs that are, once again, customized to you and your fitness goals. Feel free to get in touch with me if interested!

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