Looking for local, healthy restaurant fare nearby?


If you are out and about in the greater Boston area, check out one of the  b.good restaurant locations. This chain, whose tag line is “real.food.fast”, offers burgers and sandwiches, kale and grain bowls, salads, smoothies, and kids’ meals. The ingredients are sourced in New England, and the food tastes homemade.

I tried the Beverly location last month, which was my first
experience with b.good. I had the spicy avocado and lime bowl with the super grain mix, which is pictured here. I wish the picture did this dish justice! Each ingredient tasted so fresh and “real.” I went back to try additional items, but just wanted this bowl again!

The walls of the restaurant are decorated with pictures of the farmers who provide the ingredients. It is a pleasure to see the fresh produce on display in the prep area. I hope that you will give this eatery a try!

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