Glute Med Ball Roll

One of my favorite exercises in both prehab and rehab is the Glute Med Ball roll. I incorporate this in every one of my clients programs as well as mine. Most people tend to have weak glute meds, which is super important in every day life. The gluteus medius is part of the glute muscle complex, and it’s role is to stabilize the pelvis during activities such walking. If this muscle is not strong, you might witness the gait pattern commonly known as Trendelenburg gait, where the hip dips due to lack of glute med strength. 
With this exercise, we are able to practice the glute med’s anatomical function by aligning the pelvis where it’s supposed to be. I first bring it out of place by dipping my hip to the side, putting this muscle on stretch.My pelvis/hips will be on a diagonal so I know it is out of place. My goal is to push back into the stability ball and contract my glute med by rotating my hips so that they are facing forward.

This exercise is perfect to throw in any program, especially when there is known hip weakness. It is beneficial for any population including both general population and athletes. If it is not already in your program, think about trying it out!

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